Our model is founded on developing mutually beneficial partnerships with Artisanal Mining Cooperatives.

We bring value to our Cooperative partners by delivering end-to-end solutions inclusive of the upstream and downstream factors of artisanal mining.

- Upstream we employ a responsible and sustainable comprehensive mine site management and technology solution.

- Downstream we employ a totally vertical supply chain, traced from mine-site to refinery via blockchain technology.

The Society Artisanal Model aims to shift the dynamics - creating social demand then changing the political economy - that currently hinder artisanal gold from effectively entering the international marketplace. In the current norms, artisanal miners will never be able to legally and sustainably work their way out of poverty, much less become empowered by their own natural resources and labor. Our model, while wholly designed to earn profit, will pave the way for future artisanal mineral entrepreneurs to succeed in vastly new ways.


We create partnerships with Artisanal Mining Cooperatives in Congo, DRC and help manage the production flow through our collaborative value chain. Through our partnerships, we assist with bringing a mine fully into the formal economy; developing professional mine management practices; improving mineral extraction methods; implementing occupational safety training, establishing mine site security; and converting mineral processing to eco-friendly means. These improved practices help to dramatically increase miner safety and health, environmental sustainability, as well as greatly increase productivity and output.

The DNA of a Society Artisanal Cooperative:

- Formalized legal business operation

- International recognition of clean gold sourcing

- Clear and legal taxation process

- National and local government representation

- Female Leadership and Management Emphasis

- Governance structure and training

- Miner Excavation, Processing and Smelting Training

- Miner safety training and materials

- Comprehensive mine site security

- Blockchain-based chain of custody tracing

- Increased production output (25-30%)

- Advanced mining tools and technology

- Third party mine site evaluation / audits / due diligence

- Reliable and fair mobile-based payments for miners

- Environmentally-based extraction methods (mercury-free)

- Tailing management and remediation

- Solar-based power solutions

- Community-based health and youth education programs


Our gold is independently, third-party verified to be conflict-free. We provide the highest level of operational and mine site transparency to all relevant parties and authorities. Society Artisanal Gold is traced through our vertical supply chain by innovative blockchain technology.

We strictly adhere to the guidelines of U.S. and EU law, specifically section 1502 of the Dodd Frank Act and the EU law on Conflict Minerals. We adopt the guidelines of UN Resolutions, specifically the Minimata Convention which seeks to eliminate Mercury from gold processing. Furthermore, we diligently adhere to international human rights and labor standards and incorporate the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High Risk Areas and the World Gold Council’s Conflict-Free Gold Standard.

When it comes to the health of our partners and the earth we stop at nothing to ensure our extractive and processing methods do no harm. This is why Society is committed to operate with the utmost safety measures for miners and mercury-free mineral processing within each Cooperative relationship.


Because we believe doing business and improving the human condition go hand-in-hand, we have designated six core areas where we work to consistently add value to each partner community / Society Artisanal Cooperative:

Improved Mining Practices

Good Governance and Transparency

Sustainable Livelihoods

Increased Health

Sustainable Environment

Gender Equality

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Our Mission: to create consumer demand for artisanal gold by strategically developing responsible gold bullion products for the investment and lifestyle markets.